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What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world? For me and my team, it is Clawsy Pet. Since we got started as a bloggers back in 2015, we have found such a sense of fulfillment in our own life. we enjoy writing about our passions, what interest us, what interests other people, and sharing it with the world. With each passing day, Clawsy Pet gains more followers, and with that, even more success. Also, the biggest plus point of me and my team is that we all are very fond of our pets and we take care of our pets just as our family member. And so, we share all our experiences and the recent trends going on right now so that you stay up-to-date.

Vatsal Trivedi

Co-Founder of Clawsy Pets (Chief Executive Officer)

"I have always found a great affection towards animals and that thing has always inspired me to encourage people to adopt pets rather than buying them and share many creative ideas with people that how they can take a better care of their pets."

Jainam Waghela

Our Gadget Maestro (Chief Technical Officer)

I am an animal lover from my childhood. The thing that I love most about  especially Dogs is that they provide us with a sense of emotional well being. Always Appreciate the unconditional love they give, which is why they're also great company and comfort for people who live alone. Owning a dog can help people to recover from personal trauma, such as bereavement. Here at Clawsy Pets, I have found a great team who are great animal lovers and I am very glad that I have got the opportunity to spread the word for this website.

Arpit Thacker

Our Profit Maker! (Chief Financial Officer)

I love pets because they give me that support and emotionally strength, that helps me get going through my whole day. In personal,I've got a great love for bizzare pets, but I can't keep them as a pet (because It's illegal, I might go to jail!).

Me and my all 14 of the Budgies and a golden fish(porky) love to spend the day together at the office, and as the CFO, Of Clawsy Pets, I take care of all the profit margins as well as sales department.